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Locate A Person - Opelousas, Louisiana

The best information comes from our unique methods and human intelligence. Our P.I.’s work to master the art of locating people from years of experience.

  • Locate a person to serve a subpoena

  • Find a witness to make a statement

  • Obtain the location of someone who owes you money

  • Find a missing person

  • Reconnect with an old friend or relative


When you're tasked with locating an individual for legal or personal reasons, turn to Louisiana Private Investigations & Intelligence Agency for unparalleled expertise and support.

Our seasoned Private Investigators have the ability to locate virtually anyone, regardless of where they may be. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art tools, a wealth of data spanning millions of records, and unique investigative techniques honed over years in the field. When you're seeking the most reliable private investigators in your vicinity, these attributes should weigh heavily in your decision.

As a leading resource for those in search of a "private investigator near Opelousas," Louisiana Private Investigations & Intelligence Agency excels in comprehensive locate investigations. Our investigative efforts culminate in pinpointing the most likely whereabouts of your subject, a claim supported by a 95% success rate. From serving legal notices to conducting asset investigations or even reuniting you with a long-lost friend, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. Our team operates nationally, providing you with in-house as well as field-based services, solidifying our reputation as the most effective private investigators for hire.

Our investigators specialize in the fine art of people-locating, skillfully utilizing both innovative methods and human intelligence gained through years of on-the-ground experience.

Our Locate-A-Person services are particularly invaluable in challenging cases, especially when you've exhausted conventional avenues. We go far beyond rudimentary checks to ascertain the current location of any individual—if the data exists, we'll uncover it.

After the successful location of your subject, you can further engage our Private Investigators for on-site activities. Whether you need us to serve subpoenas, obtain witness statements, negotiate terms, or discreetly conduct a wellness check with photographic evidence, we're fully equipped to meet your needs.

Choose Louisiana Private Investigations & Intelligence Agency for all your person-locating needs. Trust us to find who needs to be found.

Brandon LaVan, Chief Investigator
Louisiana Private Investigations & Intelligence Agency, LLC
Ph: 337-368-5556

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