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Accident Investigator in Sulphur, LA

Car Accident Lake Charles Louisiana
Accident Investigation | Louisiana Private Investigations & Intelligence Agency

Louisiana Private Investigations & Intelligence Agency, a prominent firm in the field of accident investigations, offers specialized services crucial for attorneys handling personal injury claims in Lake Charles, Sulphur, Westlake, DeRidder, and Alexandria, LA. Our agency stands out for:

Comprehensive Evidence Collection: We specialize in gathering detailed evidence crucial for personal injury cases, including photos, videos, and physical evidence.

Advanced Drone Surveillance: Our licensed drone pilots provide aerial views of accident scenes, enhancing case narratives with unique perspectives.

Drone taking pictures of accident in Lake Charles, LA
Licensed Drone Pilot at Louisiana Private Investigations & Intelligence Agency for Aerial Images

Expert Witness Location Services: Our team excels in locating and interviewing witnesses, a key component in substantiating personal injury claims.

Extensive Regional Reach: Our services extend beyond Lake Charles, offering support across Sulphur, Westlake, DeRidder, and Alexandria.

Dedication to Legal Excellence: We understand the nuances of personal injury law, ensuring the evidence we provide is precise, relevant, and legally robust.

Our commitment to supporting legal professionals in personal injury cases positions Louisiana Private Investigations & Intelligence Agency as a trusted partner in the Louisiana legal community.

  • - Chief Investigator: Brandon LaVan

  • - Agency: Louisiana Private Investigations & Intelligence Agency

  • - Address: 127 Lawrence Street, Elton Louisiana 70532

  • - Email:

  • - Phone Number: 337-368-5556

  • - Website:

  • - Agency License Number: 10267-052323-LA


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