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Specialized Investigative Support for Law Enforcement in Louisiana

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Law Enforcement-Specific Investigative Services in Louisiana

Specialized Investigative Support for Law Enforcement in Louisiana

Louisiana Private Investigations & Intelligence Agency, led by Brandon LaVan, offers specialized investigative services tailored to support law enforcement agencies. With roots deeply embedded in law enforcement, our agency has a profound respect for the challenges faced by law enforcement personnel and is committed to assisting in various types of investigations.

Collaboration with Law Enforcement:

  • Longstanding Relationship: Since 2020, law enforcement agencies have relied on our expertise for assistance in diverse investigations.

  • Understanding Industry Needs: Recognizing the complexities of law enforcement work, we provide services that are in sync with the demands of this field.

  • Experienced Personnel: Many of our private investigators are former law enforcement officers, bringing invaluable insights and understanding of law enforcement operations.

Services Offered:

  • Comprehensive Investigative Assistance: Our agency is equipped to support law enforcement in a broad spectrum of investigative needs.

  • Adaptable and Responsive: We tailor our services to the specific requirements of each law enforcement agency, ensuring effective and efficient collaboration.

Commitment to Justice and Safety:

  • Alignment with Law Enforcement Goals: We share a common objective with law enforcement – the pursuit of justice and ensuring public safety.

  • Expertise in Complex Cases: Our team's expertise is instrumental in navigating the complexities of law enforcement investigations.

Contact Information:

For law enforcement-specific investigative support in Louisiana, contact Brandon LaVan at Louisiana Private Investigations & Intelligence Agency.

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